Property owners

Our customers are at the forefront with our infrastructure. We want you to be a part of it.

Partnering with property owners is the key to continually expanding our portfolio of infrastructure.

Tower in a field

Areas of focus:


Installing new network assets relies on ground space


Accessing rooftops enables us to provide connectivity in built-up urban areas


Leasing towers is the framework for growing our infrastructure portfolio

Be aware of deceptive lease investors. Feel free to contact us and discuss any offers you have received. 

Monetise your asset with a trusted partner

Take control of your income when you lease your asset to Amplitel. It’s the simplest way to transform your investment into a healthy, long-term revenue stream.

Want to lease or sell your land, rooftop, or tower?

Monetise existing assets

Earn long-term revenue

Let us manage your infrastructure

We can lift each other higher than ever before.


Join us

Transformation never sleeps. When we lease land, rooftops and tower sites suitable to our requirements, we can keep up the pace and provide better connectivity to all Australians. We’re always seeking new partners to join us on our mission. 


As our landlord

We often reach out after identifying a suitable site. If you think your land or rooftop may be of interest to us, please get in touch. 


As your tenant

We care for your sites as if they were our own – and we’re always open to communicate with you regularly.

Together, we can build ambitions from the ground up.

We’re always looking to expand our network. Partner with us today to play a role in the future of Australia. 

Our landlords

Our customers are at the heart of everything we do. Contact us for lease admin, billing or existing lease queries.